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Well, you made it. You clicked and found us - so thank you. We're Lucas & Laura. Pizza aficionados, animal lovers, design geeks and succulent obsessed. 

We began this journey as a garage hobby, and it grew faster than we could have imagined.  Over time, we have experimented with dozens of types of concretes, sealers, aggregates, and techniques to consistently improve the quality of our products into something we are truly proud of.

We're always looking to make something new, and we strive to create something that is 100% us. Using our design backgrounds, we have designed, created prototypes, and 3D printed our own unique geometric shapes. We then created moulds from our 3D shapes that we can use to make long lasting modern concrete planters. This process allows us to produce planters that you won't find anywhere else.

We began selling our planters at tiny local craft pop-up markets, and have graduated to participating in one of the largest and best-attended craft shows in North America, and selling through over a dozen retailers throughout Canada. 

Since starting in our garage, we have relocated into a work studio in Hamilton's historic Cotton Factory.  This former industrial building has been transformed into workshops, studios, galleries, and office space for Hamilton's growing art community.

We still can't believe how quickly this venture has grown, and we are humbled that our creations can bring a bit of joy to so many people. We are excited to see where this journey takes us next!

Stay connected with us through our social media - you can find us on Instagram and Facebook. Or, drop us a line and let us know how we can create something special for you.


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